updated 17/06/2017

What kind of events do you cover?
Any gathering of people with a scientific or social goal in mind, from local symposia
and company events, to long international conferences; outdoor activities are also welcome.
I especially try to encourage
full-day (up to 14 hours) and multi-day assignments.
I work mainly with companies and organizations, but sometimes serve
private individuals in academic ceremonies (PhD defenses, professorships).
For photographic commissions other than events,
see the "Landscape and nature" section further below.

In which countries are you available?
I'm happy to work anywhere in the Netherlands and other European countries.
My working language is English; I also speak Italian and elementary Dutch.

What can I expect during the event?
I make sure to be reachable by the event organizers at all times, for any specific
requests or changes in the program. I move discreetely around the audience,
avoiding flash and trying to cause the least inconvenience.
If you need fresh material for
social media sharing,
I can also deliver a small selection of pictures during the event itself,
whenever possible and at not additional cost (only for full day events).

What can I expect after the event?
From the total number of pictures (frequently over a thousand for a full day!),
I will select and apply adjustments (editing) to the
best 150-350 shots from each day;
I can make a better estimate once I know more about the event program.
Editing can easily take more time than shooting at the event itself,
and the cost of this time is always included in the initial quote.
I will produce multiple versions of the files for various destinations:
high resolution (for desktop publishing), low resolution (for the web),
and, if needed, a watermarked version for sharing with the participants.
The files are delivered digitally within 10 days, unless otherwise agreed.
If you ever lose the pictures, I will send them again at no additional cost.

How much do you charge?
My pricing starts at basic hourly tariffs in the profession (100-150€ incl. VAT),
 and follows an incremental discount system that makes more convenient to hire me
for full-day and multi-day events rather than for a few hours of work.
Because the events I photograph vary widely in terms of size and budget,
delivery deadlines, and use and distribution of the images among other things,
I find more appropriate to offer a service taylored to the specific needs
rather than a standard package. The best thing you can do is to
contact me for a quote
indicating all relevant event details and your expectations from the assignment
(adding a link to the program is an excellent idea!).

Travel expenses up to 50€/day are included for all full-day events (min. 8-10 hours)
in the Netherlands, and are negotiable for multi-day events abroad.
Accommodation expenses are not included.

Do you ask for a deposit?
Yes, I do ask for 15% of the initial quote as a deposit,
which counts as a guarantee of our mutual commitment. After this payment,
I am bound to decline any offers I might receive for your dates.
The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation from your side
after the agreed notice period (4 weeks before the event);

however if I cancel, or you help me to get re-booked by someone else
for the same dates, you will get the full deposit back.

What am I allowed to do with the pictures I receive?
According to European regulations, the author of an image holds its copyright,
even if such image was created as the result of paid work (with a few exceptions).
This means that you won't become the owner of the pictures, but rather of a permission (license)
to use them for the specific purposes you agreed on with the photographer.
By default, for public events I always include a license for
unlimited editorial use,
which allows you to disseminate the content and social or scientific impact of the event
on social media, newsletters, blogs, websites, newspapers, journals, and the like.
You are also encouraged to make the pictures
freely available to the participants,
provided it is a watermarked version (I will apply your logo/website and mine);
this is a precautionary measure, as a wider distribution increases the risk of illicit use.
If you intend to use the pictures for commercial purposes,
from selling t-shirts to huge billboards for advertisement,
this is not included in the standard license and needs to be negotiated (see below).

Can I use the pictures for commercial purposes?
Only with my explicit written permission, and in most cases at a premium;
this is because you are using the pictures for something that goes beyond
the basic purpose of event documentation.
However, in some situations and especially if you are a no-profit organization,
I grant certain uses at no additional cost. It's worth asking!
Be aware that the commercial use of a picture requires authorization
from each identifiable person appearing in it (a so-called model release).
Since 99% of the pictures will be people, I advise to obtain this authorization
as early as possible, during the registration process for instance, by notifying
that participation in the event implies acceptance of certain photographic uses
(for editorial use, model releases are not necessary).

Do I have exclusive image usage rights?
This will usually be the case when we agree on a commercial license,
but not with the standard editorial license unless specifically requested.
This means that if a participant asks me for permission to use his or her picture
for specific purposes, I am in principle allowed to grant such license,
provided that this doesn't limit your own usage rights.

Are you going to show the pictures in your portfolio?
Before showing anything on my website I will make sure that you agree to it.
I will also take individual pictures down if a participant
explicitly asks to be excluded from my portfolio.

What if something goes wrong?
Bad things happen. Depending on the entity and responsibilities in the damage
(for example, accidental file deletion vs delay due to a major train disruption),
I will offer a
discount or compensatory (free) service.

However, please do understand that it's not always possible to refund collateral costs        (transport, accommodation).

How do you prevent things from going wrong?
I can only do so much, but I try :) First of all, I shoot with 2 camera bodies
if one accidentally breaks down, I still have another one to continue. 
Second, I always record the pictures on 2 memory cards at a time
so in case of an accidental memory card error, I have a backup copy. 
Third, when transferring the pictures to my laptop, I make a backup to an external HD
Then I update that backup once the pictures are processed. 
Once the event is over, I perform 2 further backups of the processed pics. 
Enough backing up you think? ;)


updated 17/06/2017

Are prints of your picture(s) available?
My best nature and landscape pictures are available as print products
at my
Werk aan de Muur (link) and RedBubble (link) shops.
Werk aan de Muur focuses on more traditional printing media 
(such as canvases and photographic prints) and has advantageous delivery options
if you live in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, or France.
RedBubble offers a wider product range (from greeting cards to stationery and bags)
and more convenient international shipping options if you don't live 
in the countries mentioned above.
I am planning to eventually manage orders and shipping directly on my website.

Can I buy a digital version of your picture(s)?

For commercial use, you can buy directly from 500px:
For private use, you are better off asking me directly, as the prices
charged by 500px can be quite hefty for high-resolution files.
Sale for private use is possible provided that it is really for personal,
non-commercial use
. Basically, the idea is that you won't resell the file,
share it with others, nor use it to advertise a product or service
(there might be borderline situations, in which case it's wise to ask).
Examples of things you CAN do are: using an image to make a present for a friend,
to print yourself a beautiful apron, as the background of your personal blog,
or as the cover of your thesis. Use for charity is also generally fine.

If you bought an image for non-commercial use and later realize you need it
for more, the best thing to do is to contact me again.

Do you take commissions for landscape and macro work?
If you have an idea that fits with my photography style, I'll be happy to help it come to life :)
See for instance the series I made for Iseult Creative (in the "Nature" gallery).
In this case I prefer to apply
prices per picture, instead of per hour,
which makes more sense (and is more affordable for you) for this kind of work.

Do you collaborate in any photographic projects?
Recently I became a contributor to the Rockin' Rotterdam project,
which is putting together a creative photographic catalog of each street
in several of Rotterdam's postcode areas (see the "Places" gallery).
I find it very stimulating to work side by side with other photographers,
so I will definitely join future initiatives of this kind!
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